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Want Humor In the Workplace? Then Find The Humor In Your Life First!

(Humor + Strong Morale = A More Effective Work Environment For Everyone)

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So how do you accomplish that? Well, if you want humor in the work place… then you have to discover it in your personal life first. (Unless of course you have split personality to begin with.)

Peter J. Fogel, humorist/author/entrepreneur (so many hyphens—so little time to do it all), will take you on the rewarding but volatile journey of a professional stand-up comedian/writer in Hollywood to the world of advertising and direct response copywriting.

He’ll show you how he’s brought humor to every aspect of that bumpy trip to lead a more healthier and happier existence—at least that’s what he’s fooled his shrink into believing he has!

But MORE importantly how YOU can do the same for FUN & INSANE PROFIT$! (okay the last part I made up)

Topics to be covered!

  • Discover how to put your obstacles into perspective and then turn them into golden opportunities!
  • Learn how to LAUGH at yourself… and if you can’t…? Do it anyway!
  • Have as many ‘ironies” in the fire as you can: How to fine Tune Your Humor Radar 24/7
  • Got Humor? Then laugh for crying out loud! Reinvent yourself from “Drama Queen” to the “King of Comedy.”
  • Learn to Lighten up! You got a great job! For chrissakes you could be Saddam Hussein’s body double in Iraq !

Past Clients include: National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Monoco Coach, Winn-Dixie Supermarkets, John A. Fergerson High School, Aramsco, Lang Management, Sylvan Learning Center, Carlisle Theater, Connect Wise, Fred Gleeck Information Boot Camo, Terri Levine’s Learning Spa, (further list on request )

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