“Thanks for the great job warming up the audience for the Robert Klein HBO taping. Doing the opening warmup for an HBO comedy special is not an easy task! You need to read the audience, get them energized and ready for the star performer, explain the special nature of the show, and do some audio and video technical business… all this without tiring them out. You managed to do all this, WHILE being funny! Bravo!!!
Bob Stein, Producer for Robert Klein’s
11th HBO Comedy Special “Unfair and Unbalanced”
“You’re a very funny man, You made me laugh”
Richard Pryor, Comedy Store LA, 1999
“I’ve not only had the pleasure of attending many of Peter Fogel’s performances over the years in Los Angeles, but I am also a huge fan. Hysterical, hip and timely with his humor — the warmth he exudes to his audience is given right back to him on stage!
Paul Gilbert, Sony Pictures Television International
“I had so much fun doing my concerts down in South Florida recently. The audiences there were primed for a good time and so friendly- possibly because Peter Fogel had gotten them, into such a great mood even before I came on!”
~Lucie Arnaz www.luciearnaz.com
“Peter is a consummate professional who is at home in front of any audience. Be it club, corporate event or cruise ship, he connects on a personal level and can tailor his act to any occasion – and most importantly, HE’S FUNNY!”
Blake Clark, as seen on T.V.’S Home Improvement, The Waterboy, Little Nicky and Mr. Deeds w/ Adam Sandler
“I’ve always known Peter Fogel was a great stand up comic and now I know that he’s also a great writer. Funny, sharp, smart, insightful….just like his comedy. Read him, watch him, find him: Peter Fogel. Don’t forget it.”
Janette Barber Five Time Emmy Award Producer of “The Rosie Show” Co-author of the best selling book: “Breaking The Rules”
“Hi Peter, Thank you so much for your sweet message. It meant a lot to me. We really enjoyed having you, and your show was terrific. I heard a lot of great comments on it. Thanks again.”
Bridget Marie Noujaim , Marketing Director, Seven Angels Theatre
“Peter, thank you for 20 years of making audiences laugh and management smile at “Catch a Rising Star.” Let’s hope for another 20 and that I am not in a nursing home and still able to enjoy your performances. Again, thanks!”
Kevin Kearney, National Booking Manager for Catch a Rising Star Entertainment
“Thank you so much for making the trek out to East Windsor for our Comedy Night on November 15. It had been several years since we have had one, but after listening to your humor and wit we are all ready to have another one soon! Everyone that evening had such a great time. You have a style that many comedians try to imitate, but never quite achieve. Believe me, you’re our number comedian for our next show! Let us know if you’re ever in the area performing again; you might just find some ‘groupies’ in the audience. Thanks again…”
Marshall Alter
Vice President of Fundraising
“Peter Fogel is a true comedy veteran. Why? (You may ask). Because he’s funny, (I answer). As the former Talent Coordinator for the Improv Comedy Clubs in both New York City and Los Angeles, he made my job easy. I could always depend on him to do what he was hired to do – make audiences laugh from start to finish. Along with the required “funny,” Peter is also very professional and easy to work with – which are the three most important qualities anyone could look for when hiring a comedian. So what are you waiting for? (I ask). Hire him. (Your answer). Audiences will laugh and it’ll make your job easy.
Dave Schwensen, Author: “How To Be A Working Comic”
“Peter, you always seem to make it look easy on stage. Once again, you rocked the room. My client was thrilled with the show. Look forward to working on future engagements with you.”
Steve Bix, Comedy Blast Inc.
“Peter, you came through, big time! You have this ability to adapt your show to any audience. I don’t know how you do it… I only want you keep on doing it. You’re always professional and you always deliver a high response comedy show. The client was quite impressed. And when you make my company look good… I’m impressed. Look forward to working with you in the future.”
John Pizzi ,JPZ Entertainment
“They were very happy with your performance at Caesers. You’re a true professional whose set is always clean and extremely funny. The Entertainment Director looks forward to more return engagements throughout the year for you.”
Amy Ambrosino, AM Ambrosino Mgt.
“Peter performed in front of the largest audience I have had to date at the JCC. The audience was very diverse with senior citizens, adults, and young teenagers present. His ability to deal with all those publics was exemplary.”
Rebecca R. Small, Director of Student Activities
“Peter entertained for us last April. I found him to be very professional and extremely funny. His comedy was received very well by the congregation. As a matter of fact, after attending the comedy night, one of our congregants hired Peter for a private party. The congregation would certainly support another comedy night featuring Peter. I wish you much success with your event.”
Linda Bram, Sisterhood President

And for private functions:

“Your comedy performance was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone here and it definitely added something to the party. I appreciated the way you combined the personal facts about Paul into your show. Thank you again.”
Felice Stern Reading, PA

And audience members

“I just wanted to thank you for being so funny last Tuesday (7/15/03) at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. Really, the only thing that could have improved that night would have been if you were the comedian ENDING the show… the other gentleman slowed a bit at the end. Thanks again… sometimes, somewhat normal people are in desperate need of something funny to really laugh at… and I’m glad I found you! Great show, thanks again!”
Pamela L, Houston Texas (via e-mail)

Here what others are saying about Peter’s Seminar Presentation:

“I would just like to say Peter’s presentation was simply outstanding… Peter has an extraordinary way of quickly engaging an audience… and drawing them into the world of entertainment and communication— of which he is a master… Peter’s presence amongst an audience is electric, immediately drawing them with his classic NY humor… and having gained their trust educating them in the most extraordinary way about advertising communications. If you want to take your communications to the next level than I highly recommend that you meet with Peter J. Fogel.”
Seymour Segnit, President
Change That’s Right Now, Inc
“Peter, just wanted to thank you for the talk you gave at the seminar. As a documentary film maker I am new to marketing. Not only did you engage and interact well with your audience– but you demystified the science of copy writing and gave me some very useful marketing ideas to use on my Website. Again, thanks for your time!
Gayle Kirschenbaum
“Peter Fogel’s speaking, platform skills and stage presence are top shelf. He’s that rare combination of knowledge, resources and entertainment. You do not want to miss out. If you can remember a time when you laughed so hard but came away smarter and you want that feeling again…then hire Peter now. He’s just that good.”
Dave Frees, author
“Peter’s USP is his tremendous ability to put himself in the shoes of the prospect and develop prose that addresses that mindset. Anyone can write copy, but you need someone who can empathize with the potential customer and think from their side to optimize results.”
Bob Norton
“There’s nothing better than laughing and having a good time when you are learning something. Peter Fogel does just that: he nails the points he makes home with ingenious wit and good-natured humor. His copy writing skills are second to none and his ability to teach those skills are extraordinary. By applying his techniques, I made thousands because my ads converted more people into buyers once I made the changes that I learned from Mr. Fogel. Peter Fogel is not your ordinary speaker–and that’s a good thing! I actually learned things from him that I immediately put to use! And that what it’s all about.”
Anthony R. Michalski Publisher

On Peter’s Keynote Speaking

“Peter thanks you for speaking to us about humor in the workplace at our meeting on Oct 27th. Everyone found your material entertaining, but more importantly, we learned something from the message that you delivered. The ability to find humor in our workplace and daily lives is a skill that we could all apply to great benefits. I will try to find an appropriate and mutually convenient time for you to meet with one or more classes next semester… I think this could be a valuable lesson for students!”
Michael W. Preis,
Pres. RT Port Washington
“Mr. Fogel, your presentation, ‘Want Humor In the Work Place? Then Find The Humor In Your Life First!’ was fun to listen to. Your talk gave our members an awareness of how humor can improve the routines of daily work. Continue your good work!”
Dr. Eugene L. Hirsch
Secretary, Mount Kisco Rotary